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Grenada Overview

Our Island Grenada

Grenada, internationally known as the “Isle of Spice”, is located in the southern Caribbean Hemisphere 150 miles North of Venezuela, 250 miles South West of Barbados and to its north sister isles, Carriacou and Petite Martinique and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
No-one really knows when the first person set foot on Grenada, yet it was officially sighted by European Christopher Columbus in 1498 when en-route to prove that land existed to the west of Europe. It remained on the record un-colonized for more than a century. However upon its discovery, the Island was inhabited by Carib Indians, the Kalinago, who had migrated from the South American mainland, following an earlier tribe, the Arawak Indians.

The Island was originally known as ‘Camerhogne’, but Columbus renamed it Concepcion. Passing Spanish sailors found it to be so evocative of Andalucia, with its lush green mountainous scenery, that they called it Granada.